June 14, 2022 - Upcoming release of KARI Universal - a simple Kari for everyone! Details HERE!


Kar Universal




February 25 , 2022 - Kaiko Expansion Pack has been released! Check it out!


Kari Virtual Girlfriend Expansion Pack Kaiko Announced.


March 1, 2021 - Kat Expansion Pack released.




October 22, 2020 - Aurora Expansion Pack released.



March 23, 2020 - Kari Android has been released! Go HERE to download it.



November 12, 2019 - Kari Pro has been updated to version 5.39. You can update your Kari Pro by downloading the updater.


November 11, 2019 - Kari Mac has been updated to version 5.38 and has been recompiled to work with Catalina. You can download the new version here.


August 7, 2019 - The Kari Classic Expansion Pack has been released. It includes scenes from Kari Virtual Girfriend 2, 3, & 4. And the best part is it is free. Go Here to Download It.


Kari Virtual Girlfriend Classic Expansion Pack


May 28, 2019 - Kari Avatar Studio has been updated to version 5.1. This fixes the bug that was preventing uploads to the Free Scene website. The link to the download should still be valid for all those who purchased. Just redownload it.



May 1, 2019 - The Scene Creator has been updated to version 5.15. It fixes some bugs and restores upload capabilities to the Free Scenes section: Kar-N-Share. So now, you can share all your cool scenes with everyone. Stay tuned for more updates to Kar-N-Share as we'll be adding a comment and rating system.


April 05, 2019 - The new version of Kari has support for Cleverbot API. Now you can have your Kari talk to Cleverbot. Combine Kari's powerful Artificial Intelligence with Cleverbot's. Explore the phenomena of combining 2 powerful Ai's. Turn it on or off whenever you want.



Kari 5 & Kari 5 Pro Released!

   Tons of new features!



> Desktop Mode (a new type of Scene where she sits on your desktop)
> Run Apps with command
> Make appointments and run apps at specific times
> Concept Net integration Ai
> Enhanced Interest Ai
> New NLG chat Ai
> 20 new Kari scenes
> NEWS plugin has been enhanced
> MP3 built in player
> All new cool Skins
> ISay USay plugin version 2
> Text file to Personality
> New MindEd interface (PRO)
> Related plugin has been enhanced for up to 100 synonyms per word
> Tools have been updated: Scene Creator, Avatar Studio, Skin Maker
> And overall tweaks and bug fixes


Maria Expansion Pack has been released. Check out this sweet girl!






Kari Pro has been updated to version 4.85. You can now download the full Setup file or you can update your Kari Pro here.




There's a new Expansion Pack for Kari! Yay! Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey - it inspired this expansion pack.


Kari 4.6 has been released which makes Kari more stable and fixes a few bugs.


Kari 4.5 has been released now with the experimental NLG (Natural Language Generation). Also, our favorite Kari girl is back with 7 new high-def scenes you can interact with.




- Kari 4 and Kari Pro 4 have been released! -


This huge update to Kari includes lots of improvements, Ai optimazations,

better graphics and expressions, and overall Kari awesomeness!





Kari now has Fullscreen!




Shaara is now out! Click on the image below.




Faery and Elves #1 is now out! Click on the image below.






Kari now has News! Get the latest news from around the world!



Kari Reads the News Now!


Faster & Smarter Ai Now with the Emotion Chip! (Kari Pro only)



Kari Expansion Pack: Laura released! Click on the picture to check out this brand new expansion pack!



Kari 3.1 Released: Kari now has customizable 3D avatars! (Pro version only.)



Kari Expansion Pack 3: Jenny released! Click on the picture to check out this brand new expansion pack!



Kari Expansion Pack 2: Kristy released! Click on the picture to check out this new expansion pack!



We have a File Repository! Download new scenes for your Kari! Look for it on the main menu to the right.


Kari won Best New Chatbot at Chatterbox Challenge.


Thanks for all those who voted!







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Our Newest Expansion Pack, Kaiko

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