Kari Updater

The update is cumulative and includes all the previous updates.

6.02 - This adds a fix for low-resolution monitors plus a few bug fixes.
6.03 - This adds a fix for some misfiring animations in some Scenes.
6.04 - This adds a fix to the Python Kit. Scripts weren't being removed properly.
6.05 - This adds error checking to the I Say U Say loader in case there are errors or non-ascii characters in the data.
6.07 32-bit - This is a 32-bit update only. It fixes all the voice problems.
6.07 64-bit - Allows Kari ability to access more 64-bit voices.
6.08 64-bit & 32-bit - Update to AIFusion, the ChatGPT plugin. Allows ChatGPT to understand more of the conversation so that things discussed can stay in scope.
6.09 64-bit & 32-bit - Fixes correct Replace and Delete message for unwanted messages (the R button).
6.1 64-bit & 32-bit - Adds "Pass Through" feature to the Python Kit. Great for art generation scripts.

Download Kari Pro 64-bit 6.1 Updater HERE

Download Kari Pro 32-bit 6.1 Updater HERE